North-East Asia


CBF North-East Asia Subregion


North-East Asia Region comprises of countries located between Hong-Kong and Japan. The greatest challenge in this region is the situation of the Church in continental China, where Christians cannot freely access the Word of God and openly practice their faith. Every three years, the region organizes a gathering of United Chinese Catholic Biblical Association, attended by delegates from all countries of Asia, including continental China. Noteworthy is the contribution of South Korea, which supports other regions in the Federation in publication and distribution of the Bible. This region has a great potential for further growth and expansion. One of the venues of this growth is connected with the presence and work of the biggest Bible printing press in the world in China, which enhances cooperation between Catholic and Protestant biblical institutions.


Fr. Pak Wing Peter Lo

CBF North-East Asia Coordinator

Hong Kong

Updates from North-East Asia

Logos Workshop conducted by Catholic Biblical Association of Hong Kong
09 Sep 2023

Logos Workshop conducted by Catholic Biblical Association of Hong Kong and led by Aux Bishop of HK Joseph Ha Chi Shing, attracted over 200 participants, to reflect on “Who do you say that I am?” (Mt 16:15) and the CBF Plenary theme “Proclaiming the Word of Life for a Fragile World” (ref Rom 8:22).

The Bible in Arts
16 Apr 2021

Last year, Catholic Biblical Association of the Archdiocese of Taipei held biblical arts and cultural exhibition competition. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, the award ceremony was postponed, and was only held in April 15, 2021. It also marked the end of the celebration of the year of the Word of God.

Opening of the Year of the Word of God in Taiwan
24 Nov 2019

On November 23, Bishop Hsu Yao Wen of Taichung Diocese, Taiwan solemnly opened the Year of the Word of God with a Eucharistic celebration.